Open Library: Borrow, Read & Describe

Open_LibraryIf you’ve read any of our recent monthly book lists, you’ve noticed the eclectic selection of books filling our homeschooling days. If the books aren’t already on our home shelves, our local library usually has what we need. On the rare occasion, a much sought after book is unavailable. Where do we turn when a book seems impossible to unearth? Open Library!

Open Library is a wonderful resource we’re using actively in our daily homeschool routine. Using Open Library, we are able to access literature otherwise out of our reach. How does Open Library work? I’m glad you asked!

Borrow – Signing up for an Open Library account is free and easy. The entire process will take you no longer than three minutes. Immediately, you are able to browse and read any book available. The selection is incredible. From classics to modern literature; fiction to non-fiction; the scope of literature is spectacular. Browse books by a variety of means: subject, author, title, recently added, popular, and more.

Read – Once you’ve found the book you’d like to check out, choose a method of reading. Read online or PDF via download. For those who find printed media a challenge, consider trying a Daisy file. Love the book you borrowed? Open Library offers purchasing options as well, with links to major online stores carrying the book. For those of us who stack up books – with the intention of reading them eventually – create lists of books you’d like to read in the future.

Quick note: This is an online library. All reads will have a due date, as a typical library book would. You can put holds on books currently checked out and renew books as well.

Describe – As with Goodreads, you’re encouraged to add your comments and thoughts on each book you read. While we have yet to participate in this particular feature, we do appreciate reading what others have written.

Thus far, we’ve read a few books using Open Library. While reading online is, perhaps, not my favorite method of intaking literature, I appreciate the vast scope accessible at Open Library. The viewing quality is wonderful. Availability has not been an issue. Overall, we’re very pleased with Open Library. We will definitely be using it over the course of the current year, and in years to come.

Our homeschool family is blessed to have found this incredible online resource. May it bless your family, and encourage a year of literary adventures.

📢 Chime In!: Do you prefer online or traditional reading?

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