Another Failed Attempt

An Empty SwingThere is something wrong with this picture. Can you guess what it might be? No ideas? The swing is empty!!!

Once again, one of our homeschool events didn’t pan out. Oh, the kids and I made it, all right. It seems we’re the only ones who did though. (laughing)

The day was nice either way. The sky was blue, the breeze cool, and I had an opportunity to read a new book while the kiddos ran off that extra energy.

Just as we were thinking of heading out, one friend did show for about fifteen minutes, which was nice. We got to catch up while my kids did a little more running around.

Now we are back home, getting cleaned up and relaxing. I have another event this evening, Mom’s Night Out. Hopefully this will have greater success?

Spring Co-op: Week 3

Today was yet another Spring Co-op session. We had much more fun, but just as many complications as last week! (laughing)

It seems quite a few of our families were out sick, resulting in a loss of many students. My class had a total of two students today! Much more hands on assistance for them?

We pulled together and sure enough got things moving, but, wow, was it a challenge.

“T” and I came up with a game plan for her chess board and are very excited to see the end results. We’ll make sure to show you her finished product.

“N” made sure to stay off the grass this week and is feeling just fine. She and “Mouse” had a wonderful time.

Little man was dragged along to co-op, seeing as he needed the exercise and to get out of the house. He had a blast and got to run around with all the fellas.

I was still only able to snap a few pics this week, seeing as we were short-staffed and running around like mad. The kids did have a blast though, which makes it all worth while.

Week 3, Pic 1

Spanish Boxes

Week 3, Pic 2

Paper Mache

Week 3, Pic 3


Week 3, Pic 4

Wood Shop

Week 3, Pic 5

Messy Work


Co-op was followed up by park day, but only two of our families decided to join in; mine and another friend. That didn’t stop us though! We had a blast and enjoyed the beautiful, sunny, warm afternoon.

Now, I have a pile of items on my desk awaiting my perusal. I’d best get to gettin’ and then enjoy my night.

We are topping off our busy day by having some kiddos over tonight. Their parents are going on a much-needed date night! Hooray for them; they deserve it!

Park Day Resumes

Park DayThe new year is upon us and our support group is back in the swing of things. Today was our first park day back and the kids couldn’t wait to soak up some sunshine and have some fun.

While the kids were running around, the adults had a fun conversation about history coming alive. Many of us had interesting stories of relatives who not only lived during exciting times in American history, but passed down items of interest!

What a wonderful way for our children to learn history, knowing that their own families were a part of the action and possibly played an important part.

One of our families has quilts that date back to the Civil War and antiques which are even older. Most of us had family that came through Ellis Island and have their names in the book. My husband’s great-grandparents actually ran with Poncho Villa (no, seriously; we have pictures)!

I think history takes on a whole new meaning when we have a personal attachment to it. How exciting history becomes when we see it as more than just words in a book, but actual experiences that someone lived through.

What fascinating part of history has your family been a part of?

Fall Co-op Part III

Today was the third week of our fall co-op. The weather was a bit chilly, we got off to a late start, and we forgot a few items… it was wonderful!

(Laughing)… How could such a bad start turn into a great day? We got to spend the day with friends, learning some new things and fellowshipping.

Marine Habitats

My middle girls’ class was on marine habitats. They loved learning about the ocean and taking home some shells.

Saying Hello

The kids stopped to take a moment, posing for the camera. Aren’t they sweet?

Egg Drop

The high school kids were still working on “out of this world” science experiments. This week they were dropping eggs from the church roof, after insulating them in their egg “ships”.

Speech and Debate

Today I was, yet again, assisting in my oldest daughter’s speech class. She is doing better each week. Today we learned about giving an apologetic speech.

Prek Marine Biology

The kindergarteners began their marine mural today. They did a marvelous job, except that my son apparently had too much fun with his glue stick. (sigh…) Boys!

Math Class

Today’s Kindergarten math class was on measuring. I had each of the kids trace around their bodies and then measure themselves. They had a lot of fun with this activity.

Bible Heroes

This week the middle girls learned about Abraham Lincoln in their class. What a great American hero!

Park and Play

We had another park day today. More moms showed up, it was awesome having so many ladies to visit with.

Playing with Friends

My little man, hanging out with some of his buddies.

Today was, yet again, another full day. We did some learning at our homeschool co-op, went to the library, went to the park, and then headed home. But the day isn’t over yet!

Now that we are showered off and smell clean, we are heading out once again. The fun never stops!

My oldest daughter is currently working on her oratory speech, which she will deliver in two weeks. If you had to give a speech to your peers, what topic would you pick?

Full Steam Ahead

As if life isn’t already filled with “busy-ness”, our family is going to be charging full steam ahead during the next several weeks. We have a slew of activities planned and today was just the start of the all the fun!

Today we had a full schedule of events. We started off doing fall co-op with our homeschooling PSP, moved onto a library visit, rounded off with a park day, and ended with getting some paperwork done. Whew!

Marine Biology

My baby boy had a marine biology class this morning, during his co-op hours. He had lots of fun and learned quite a bit.


My oldest daughter had a speech class today. She was very uncomfortable, but she made it through. We are going to be doing some practicing before next week to help her get more comfortable.

Animal Habitats

My middle girls took an animal habitat class. Today’s lesson was on the life cycle of the frog. They even had a special visitor in class… a red bellied toad!

Math Games

I taught a class for the Kindergarten kids as well. During second period we played math games. Today’s lesson was on making tangrams and creating some neat animal shapes!

Heroes of the Bible

Second period meant Heroes of the Bible for my middle girls. They made neat notebooks and even got a cape to go with it!


Second period was basic sewing skills for my oldest girlie. She had a lot of fun with this class.

Park Day

Just a few of our girlies who joined us at the park. It was great weather and great fellowship!


Once again, our dragon friends graced us with their company and, once again, my youngest gal wouldn’t leave them alone!

Good Eats

My baby girl eating up her pizza. She WAS supposed to be eating her salad, but her dragon friends brought pizza to share… so… the salad was forgotten.

Our co-op classes were an absolute blast! We had so much fun and learned a lot. Thanks so much to the other teachers who helped make today special. We can’t wait for next week!

The park was awesome! The breeze was stupendous, the food was lovely, and the fellowship was sweet. I love getting together with my other mommies and listening to how their lives are going.

Today was definitely full, but it was all worth it. Now it’s time for some R&R!

If you could teach any co-op class, what class would you teach?