First Park Day

Today was the first park day of the year for our homeschool PSP. I wish I could say there was a large turnout, but unfortunately only a small group showed.

For those of us who did, it was a blast! Our kids had fun running around and playing with bearded dragons, the moms were able to fellowship, and the weather was simply wonderful!

Pet Lovers

My littlest girl, her friend, and one of the bearded dragons.


Fun with Grandma

A few of the little girls, having fun at the park!


I'm Eating!

(Really, sis? I am trying to eat here!) My middle girl trying to eat her lunch, while her little sister snaps some shots.


The Flying Dutchman

Our dog, Dutch, hiding out and looking for scraps.


Sand Box Time

There was no way my little girl was letting go of this new animal! She held them from the moment they came, till the moment they left.


Finding Time to Write

Even in the midst of chaos, my “T” will find some opportunity to write.


Got 'Ya

“Let’s take each other’s picture!”

As I mentioned, there were very few people who made it to the park day today, but it was a good afternoon. We had a lot of fun and fellowship.

A new mom was invited, by a mutual friend, to join in. It was a pleasure to meet her and to help her begin her homeschooling journey. I hope that she will be back!

Does your PSP do park days or do you plan them on your own? If you have adolescents, do they attend park days? (Sometimes this can be a real challenge.)