If You Give a Homeschool Mom an Idea

If You Give a Homeschool Mom an IdeaFor the sake of silliness, and all things homeschool… This idea has been stuck in my head for weeks. I thought it was time to finally put fingers to keyboard.

If You Give a Homeschool Mom
An Idea

If you give a homeschool mom an idea,
She’s going to want to do some research.

Once she sets off to research,
She’ll start stressing over what she’s missed.

Because she’s stressed,
She will feel the need to pray.

After God calms her heart,
She’ll want to resume her mission.

Once she’s finished making multiple lists,
She’ll want to get started right away.

To get started,
She’ll need to check her supply cupboard.

Upon looking in her cupboard,
She’ll notice she needs to make a run to the craft store.

Since she’s going to the craft store,
The kids will want to tag along.

On the way to the store,
Mom will recall a book she can incorporate into her lesson.

To get the book,
She will need to stop at the library.

At the library,
The kids will want to check out more books.

With the kids busy perusing reads,
Mom will start jotting down notes for complimentary studies.

Since she’s on her device,
She’ll look at her clock.

Before the day gets away from her,
She’ll rush the kids through checking out.

As she’s checking out,
The kids will be reminded they’re headed to the craft store.

While at the store,
The children will remember they’re out of clay.

Five hundred dollars later,
The family will realize they’re hungry.

After feeding her clan and cleaning the mess,
Mom will want to sit down and put a plan in place.

While checking her email,
She’ll notice a helpful friend sent over an idea.

She’ll read her helpful friend’s idea,
And then she’ll want to do some research.

Silly, but entirely true for this mama. Just when I think I’ve got things on a roll, we come across another spectacular idea I’d like to put into place. There will always be something more to do, a new fact to be learned, and another idea for teaching. I could literally run in circles all day doing nothing but establishing routines and setting about plans.

While the poem is intended to be funny and cute, the truth is I could easily get lost in all the to-dos and fail to simply enjoy the here-and-now. I pray this would not be so.

May the Lord give us wisdom to move forward with new ideas only when He is directing us. May we have ears to hear, hearts to listen, and peace to go forward. May we choose our “Yeses” carefully, and learn to say “No” when needed. May we be able to laugh and enjoy each day for the memories it brings; no matter how crazy they get.

“Go, eat your food with gladness, and drink your wine with a joyful heart, for God has already approved what you do.”
~ Ecclesiastes 9:7

Your Turn!: Okay… Your turn! “If you give a homeschool parent an idea….”

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