Date Your Children

Having four children, homeschooling, running a home-based business, and serving in ministry, it can be difficult to find quality time with each child. A few years ago, the Lord showed me the perfect way to build up our relationships; dating my children!

Every Saturday, the children and I head over to my mother-in-laws’ house for a visit. I drop off three of my children (who excitedly run into the house and announce they are ready for fun and food), then the fourth child and I head on out for a date.

When on our dates, I usually allow my children to decide what they would like to do. Sometimes we go for a walk or visit antique stores. At other times, we have gone for fancy tea parties or ice cream. It doesn’t matter where we go, what matters is that we are spending time together.

I think one of the greatest joys of our “dates” is getting to know who my children are. I am often surprised by their observations and questions about life. I have learned so much about their dreams, their fears, and their struggles.

Right now, being that summer is a little crazy, our dates have been on hold. Getting back to school in another week (and a more settled schedule), we are looking forward to resuming our Saturday “dates”.

I pray that the Lord would use these days to strengthen our relationships and unify our family. That He would use these times to teach me about my children and how I can better minister to their needs. Sometimes I wonder if my children will look back on these days fondly, remembering all the little things that really meant nothing and yet everything.

How do you “date” your children?