Taking a Break

Week Six: Fall Co-op (6/14)

Science Class; Butter and ice cream making.

Sometimes you just need a change of pace. It’s not that the activity is bad, it just doesn’t fit  your needs for the current time. I think this is how the kids and I are feeling right about now. Spring co-op is just around the corner and, while we would normally be gearing up for this season, we’ve decided to take the semester off.

I think our decision was motivated by several factors. Co-op makes for an early day and a long day; we just don’t know if we care to be that tired. Co-op is on Fridays; our library day and field trip day. Other activities are also beginning to come up, which we are a little more excited about. (More on that soon!)

So, while we are excited to see how others enjoy co-op this season and we wish them all the best, mommy is enjoying a small sigh of contentment and the kiddos are grateful to get a little more rest.

The next few months are going to be tremendously busy and there might be a few major changes in our routine, so this one little choice is a welcome one. It means a lot less work and a more relaxing semester for all of us.

Will you be doing co-op this season?


Let’s Take a Break

Hello, FriendHave you noticed that holiday breaks really don’t seem like much of a break? I mean, sure, we aren’t doing any home schooling, but that doesn’t mean we are necessarily relaxing either.

I thought we would get at least a few days this week to just sit back and relax, but nope. Each day this week is full of fun and needed things to do.

Today quickly flew by, having been filled with cleaning, organizing, food prepping, and running errands. Before I knew it, the bulk of my day was gone!

Perhaps tomorrow, before the food and fellowship, we will find a few minutes to simply kick up our feet and relax.

Here’s hoping your Thanksgiving holiday is calm and restful; that amidst the chaos, you find a moment to simply breathe and enjoy the day for what it is… thanksgiving.