Friction & Resistance

Slide DownI love how even the most humble aspects of our homeschooling can pertain to everyday life. We can find life application in just about any topic.

Today, in science, we covered friction and resistance. We spent a great deal of time doing fun, hands-on experiments and became very familiar with this realm of study.

What I loved the most about this topic was that we were able to turn it around and talk about the friction of everyday life. Not just the rubber meeting road, literally, but the daily sources of friction within our own home.

What type of force is used in our home? Are we pushing ourselves or allowing the Lord to lead? Are we pulling someone away from the tasks that they are supposed to be working on or helping them to accomplish their goal? When do we push and when do we pull?

We even took it a step further and talked about what causes friction when that force is applied. When mommy “pushes” them to get out of bed, what sort of resistance will I face? When an instruction is given, based on the amount of resistance received, how much friction is being caused? Come on Up!

To round off our lesson, we talked about various ways to smooth out our paths and make them less resistant. We openly discussed different methods of handling hard situations that could lead to friction in our home.

I could see the gears in my kids’ heads turning as we digested this last part of our science lesson. It was a new aspect to explore and definitely opened the doors of communication.

Do you ever find your science lessons leading to a life lesson?