The Squire & The Scroll

The Squire & The ScrollBeing the OCD maniac I am (I did mention I was OCD, right?), I couldn’t very well purchase a lovely book (The Princess & The Kiss) for my girls and not get something for my guy, now could I?

Thankfully, Warner Press knew there were ladies like me in the world. Ladies who wished to help their sons overcome temptation and live righteously. So, with us in mind, they gladly published The Squire & The Scroll

In The Squire & The Scroll a young squire must overcome obstacles and enticement in order to seek out a stolen treasure belonging to his kingdom. He does so by using a scroll given to him by his parents, which guides him on his journey.

Little man really likes reading this story and hearing about the evil creature who stole the treasured item. He also likes the important role the scroll plays in defeating the enemy.

Mommy likes this story because it encourages my guy to be faithful to a commitment and to not waver in his decisions. It teaches wisdom, prudence, and humility.

Like The Princess & The KissThe Squire & The Scroll has a Life Lessons Booklet to help our son gain a better grasp of the underlying themes in the book. While our son is a bit young to work through it at this point, I have his tucked away with additional homeschooling materials we have yet to crack open.

There is a pretty neat certificate once the Life Lessons have been completed. At one time there was a watch to commemorate the lessons learned. (I am currently having a hard time finding the watch, it seems they are no longer making them?)

I would be interested to know if any of your children have finished the Life Lessons. Did they enjoy the lessons? Were they of benefit?

First we trust….

Today, we had the opportunity to spend the afternoon swimming at a friend’s house. We packed up our stuff, grabbed some watermelon, and headed out for some fun.

When the kids were ready to jump in the pool, I noticed that my son was very hesitant to get in. My friend assured him that the pool was only deep enough to cover the lower half of his body, but still he insisted on taking his time. After a few minutes, he asked if he could use his floaties. I assured him they weren’t needed but when it appeared he wasn’t going to get in the water without them, on they went. Once he got in the water (accidentally slipping in), he realized that what we had said was indeed true! I asked if he wanted to take off the floaties now that he realized he was safe, but on they stayed. My son is still learning a hard lesson, to trust and then to try.

On the way home, it got me thinking… aren’t we like that sometimes? The Lord will guide in a particular direction, even one we might very much enjoy, and we hesitate. We test the waters to see if we really want to get in. We look for outside help to keep us safe, even when we are told there is no danger. We put our faith in temporal things, when our Father is there and has protected us from harm. When we finally step in, we realize that there was never any real danger; we were safe from the beginning. Yet, even though we are safe, we still want to cling to that little thing that makes us feel secure. 

I wonder if God ever sighs, wondering when we will trust. Does it hurt when we question our safety and His ability to protect us? Does He calmly, gently, and perhaps sadly, shake his head; hoping we will learn to believe all He says?

Today was indeed a fun day, but it also taught me a lesson. I must learn to trust God and act on what I am being told. I must trust and then try.