Say Cheese!

Yesterday was our first meeting of the year in our home school PSP, which also makes it picture day! My husband has been awesome enough to volunteer doing photography for the group, so off we all went to welcome and assist both returning and new families.

Noel IDThis photo shoot is mainly for ID purposes and to have a current photograph on file; we are not focusing on group shots or candid. Theoretically this makes for really quick sessions with each person. You sit, he snaps, you leave; easy as pie.

Little children are bit trickier to shoot though. Will they smile, do they need some coercion, or do we just go with whatever works? Usually he is able to get some pretty neat shots.

Being that this was the first meet of the year, it also meant an actual meeting was in order.

We always start with a quick devotion and then we handle “business”. Rules and JAG IDregulations are gone over; t-shirt orders are taken (we have school shirts); September field trips are signed up for; school calendars are handed out (we plan our entire year in advance when it comes to activities, so everyone has plenty of advanced notice to plan things in); and any other items that might need going over.

This first meeting is also a great opportunity to introduce ourselves to any new families and visit with those we might have lost touch with over the summer. It’s always fun to fellowship with friends.

The pictures are now finished, processed and ready to be sent out to their respective families. Now for the next order of PSP business, planning for our fall co-op. Which classes should I volunteer to teach? Decisions, decisions….

I’ve enjoyed seeing everyone else’s posts on “back to school” pictures. Do any of you create ID’s as well?