Our June Reads (2016)

June Reads 2016June was nice and slow… a quick summer break refreshed our minds and souls, allowing us to return to our studies well rested. With a few weeks off and long read during our brief summer lessons, our family reading list was quite short. However, shorter lists make for more in-depth conversation, and this month was no exception!

Two of these books were included in Our Morning Basket. With a full month of activity, my personal reading time was put on the back-burner, but I managed to snag a fun book for poolside reading. Here’s a rundown of the books we enjoyed during the month of June:

  1. Many Waters (Madeleine L’Engle) – Sandy and his twin brother, Dennys, are the practical, down-to-earth members of the Murry family. They have never paid much attention to their scientist parents’ talk of highly theoretical things like tesseracts and farondalae. But now something has happened to Sandy and Dennys that drastically stretches their powers of belief. And, when disaster threatens the oasis where they have made their home, can they find a way back to their own time?
    This is the fourth book in the Time Quintet. Unfortunately, we did not care for this book as well as the first three. The story was slow-moving, the characters uninteresting, and particular Biblical aspects of the book were bothersome. I’m sorry to say this read was a struggle.
  2. The Reluctant Dragon (Kenneth Grahame) – In this beloved classic story, a young boy befriends a poetry-loving dragon living in the Downs above his home. When the town-folk send for St. George to slay the dragon, the boy needs to come up with a clever plan to save his friend and convince the townsfolk to accept him.
    Adorable!!! This was one of my favorite reads as a kid, as well as a cherished cartoon. The kids were quite pleased with the appealing characters and humor found within these short pages.
  3. Show Me a Story! (Leonard Marcus) – In compelling interviews by the acclaimed Leonard S. Marcus, twenty-one top authors and illustrators reveal their inside stories on the art of creating picture books.
    I found this read while perusing the comic section of our local library. I found the interviews with each illustrator/writer to be intriguing and educational. I enjoyed hearing how each of these incredible artists found their start and what they’ve learned along the journey.

July’s stack of books is already piled high and we’re ready to get moving. With school back in, I’m praying to get back into my own personal reading time and explore incredible summer reading ideas to share. Plus, summer reading programs are in high gear. I can’t wait to score some incredible prizes!

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