Week Two: Fall Co-op (2013-2014)

Well, another week of co-op is under our belts. The morning started off slightly rougher than last week, but went pretty smoothly. All-in-all, it was a pretty good day.

Week Two (1/11)

Our school spirit item this week was collecting things for Operation Christmas Child. What a great idea!

Week Two (2/11)

One of our teachers sure does like to do a thorough job. What an awesome board!

Week Two (3/11)

Technology can be your friend; let’s do some learning on the iPad.

Week Two (4/11)

One of our mommies helping in nursery.

Week Two (5/11)

My class: cooking. Today was salad.

Week Two (6/11)

Music class with a pro.

Week Two (7/11)

Christmas crafts are always a good idea. Hmmm… blue and purple for Christmas? Okay.

Week Two (8/11)

My boy having fun in his puppetry class.

Week Two (9/11)

More music fun.

Week Two (10/11)

Boyo having fun in his animal antics class.

Week Two (11/11)

Hands on Science. Today they learned about volcanoes.

After all this exciting fun, the kids and I were worn out. I think it might be time for a rest!

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