Because You Asked

On the beachOur creative writing project is fully under way and I had intended on blogging about a completely new topic. (Really, I did!) However, over the last few days I have been asked which characters my family has chosen. I thought it might be fun to put it out there for all the world to see and let the fun begin!

There are six of us in our family, even our little man is joining in on the fun. We have all chosen different characters, some based on books and others on pure imagination.

My husband has chosen to be Jake Brody, private investigator. He types all his messages on a vintage 1930’s manual typewriter and sends all his notes in small, brown envelopes.

I am Aria Homos, daughter of Aristides and Cristobel. My father was the first spy for The Commonweath and is now lead advisor for all potential candidates. We live on the island of Altruria, in the capital city of Evo, which is known for its large universities and the training of ambassadors. Our country was founded when a group of Christians were seeking refuge from the persecution in Rome. Their ship was crushed on the surrounding rocks and the survivors washed up on shore. Our country was weak in its beginning, at one point being taken over by man-eating machines created by our own government, but after a strong rebellion our country has finally settled into more peaceful times.

Our oldest daughter is Ivy, one of six DHI (Disney Host Interactive or Daylight Hologram Imaging) at the Magic Kingdom. Her primary job is to help people tour the five kingdoms of the Disney resort. When the parks close, she helps battle the forces of evil who are trying to take over. Led by Malificent and the Cruella, the dark side will stop at nothing to gain control; the DHI are all that hold them back.

Our second daughter is Ella, a flower fairy. She lives on Bunny Hill under a large oak tree. She lives to help make things grow and to use her herbs helping other people heal.

Our third daughter is Emma, an animal fairy. She uses her gifts to talk to animals and to help them when they are in need.

Our son is Red, an angry bird. (Yes, you read that right!) He is from Angry Bird Planet. He likes to get angry and blow things up. He has no real goal in life, he just likes playing games and attacking pigs.Picture Day

So… now you know a little bit more about our wild alter egos. We are having a blast exploring all that our characters know and do. We look forward to seeing where our project leads us.

Did you pick a character yet? Who are you?


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