Keepers Christmas Party

Keepers finished out 2012 with a fun Christmas party. We had an abundance of sugar, some creative crafts to make, and gifts all around.

Ornament Prep

Our craft tables, set up and ready to go.

Oh, Christmas Tree

This is one of the finished Christmas ornaments. I think they turned out cute!

Story Time

All the little girls ready for story time.

Left or Right?

The girls played the Right Christmas story game with ornaments! They had a great deal of fun!

Christmas Girls

My little girls having a great afternoon; this is why I do what I do.

Frosty Christmas

This centerpiece was too cute to resist. We let the little girls take them home.

Good Food

What’s a good party without good eats? We had sugar, sugar, and, let’s see… sugar!

Friends Abound

Some of the girlies having a blast; the mommies had fun too!

Who Me?

In all, I think we had 35 girls in attendance. We had a wonderful time and enjoyed the true meaning of Christmas… Jesus’ birthday!

Way too Good!

I am not sure who made this delicious cookies, but they were wonderful!

I hope all the girls had a wonderful time at the Christmas party. We started out with a Christmas story about Baby Jesus, created a fun ornament, played the Right Christmas game, ate lots of fun treats, and ended with gifts from everyone’s secret sisters.

It was a blessing being able to spend time with those young ladies and to enjoy this season with them. I pray that each of them are blessed this Christmas.

Now, mommy is off to her own homeschool mommy Christmas party. ‘Night everyone!

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