Friday School

Friday SchoolFridays around our house are a little different from the rest of the week. Instead of plugging along with our regular routine, we mix things up and do some learning “in the field”. I call it: Friday School.

Fridays tend to be a bit crazy around this house. We have library days, errands, park days, co-op, family visits, and a myriad of other responsibilities which need to be met. Doing a full day of school on top of all this would be near impossible.

So, what do we do on Fridays? Tests! (Yes, that ugly word most homeschoolers dislike.) The last day of our week consists of a few minor quizzes and tests, with the remainder of the day focusing on fun stuff.

Generally, we hit the learning station between eight and nine in the morning. We have an arithmetic quiz, a reading comprehension quiz, and a spelling test. That’s it! We’re done. The whole process takes about an hour. Awesome!

After our quick jaunt through the hideous world of testing (just kidding), we are usually found rushing out the door to get some on the go learning accomplished.

The library tends to be our first stop of the day, unless it is a co-op week. We spend quite a while there finding both our required reads and new picks. We sign up for programs coming soon and always make sure to visit with our librarians for a few minutes. (We so appreciate those lovely people.)

If we are not at the library, it is because it is co-op time. (Then the library would come after.) Co-op is six weeks of fall, or spring, fun; learning with all our friends. This fall’s session starts in just two weeks. Eeeekkk!

On non-co-op Fridays, you will often find us at our PSP park days or on field trips. There is never a shortage of things for us to do.

If, by some miracle, there is nothing happening on Friday, back home we go for some arts and crafts. Homemade cards, painting, drawing, computer art, and more are free-flowing.

Our routine works great for us, but Fridays add a little bit of extra fun and excitement to the week. Who knows what will happen this Friday?

Do Fridays differ in your homeschooling?

11 thoughts on “Friday School

  1. Friday is our field trip day. I try to pick a topic related to where we are going. Habits of tigers, if it’s the zoo. Pollination if it’s the botanic gardens. etc…Or we just get outside and play.


  2. I try to make Fridays more of a fun day too by playing games for as many subjects as we can instead of book work. We also do science experiments on Fridays. I’m also going to be making a jeopardy style game to play on Fridays to review what we learned for the week 🙂


  3. Fridays were our co-op days, too, back when I was homeschooled. They were a great change of pace. I especially loved the spring, when we rehearsed a play. Other times we got to do cool stuff like dissect cows’ eyes, cook Native American food, and learn the Minuet!


  4. For us, let me honest: for Mom, is Wednesdays with its strong smell of midweek that makes me leave the house. So, we take bike rides, walk the dog, go to the library or just take a train to Chicago just for the fun of it!


  5. We usually have test and quizzes on Friday too. Right now we are playing fun and educational games on Friday. It is nice to have something to look forward to at the end of the week. I would like to add trips to the library too but right now Littlest is into singing at the top of his voice…


  6. Our Fridays are shorter days of the same routine, but we have piano lesson, errand running days on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Once a month, we take Friday off completely and do something fun with friends like skating, swimming, movie making, or whatever other fun social idea we might come up with. 🙂


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