We’ve done school in the car, out in the yard, in the house, on the road, and just about everywhere else you can imagine. Recently we decided to try something a little different… ‘Disney-School’!


Learning about the art of 3-D with the muppets! (Well, maybe not learning so much as having some fun! They tried though!)

Now, before you go thinking I am trucking around loads of books into the happiest place on earth, please toss that notion right out the window. Nope, I am talking about natural, everyday learning which just happens when you open your eyes to the possibilities.

During our last few visits to the park, we’ve learned all sorts of neat things. We spent some time viewing an exhibit on President Lincoln and learning more about the Civil War. We’ve learned a little history on Southern California. There have even been art demonstrations and tutorials for us to participate in.

I think the most obvious ‘class’ we take while at Disney is Physical Education! (laughing) Besides the tons of walking we get in, there are various locations in each park which allow for exercise. In California Adventure, we can play in Wilderness Ridge. At Disneyland, there is Tom Sawyer’s Island. Either location will have you running, jumping, exploring, and getting down right tuckered out!

One of our favorite ways to learn at Disneyland is to just be inspired by the atmosphere. We’ve decided we are going to use the creative surroundings as a catalyst for our artistic abilities. Mommy will be packing drawing pads, water-color kits, and other various tools for us to use while resting in a remote location. There we can explore our inner artist and have some fun.

On occasion, we think it might also be fun to bring a good book and do a little reading. There are so many great reading spots in the park as well. Imagine reading Disney After Dark AT Disneyland? How fun would that be?

While most might find either park to be extremely crowded, which they can be at times, there are also plenty of little nooks to tuck yourself into. We plan to make the most out of this year and use our time wisely. Who knows if we’ll be able to do this again next year?

Perhaps it might be fun to find other home schoolers in So Cal who would also like to take advantage of ‘Disney-Schooling’. We could learn together!


18 thoughts on “Disney-School

  1. We’ve done the same thing at Disney World for several years. It never gets old. Have you looked into one of Disneyland’s education seminars? When we were in Ca. they were offering some type of physics class. They looked like fun!


  2. As a former homeschooling mom and public school teacher I think that this is the way to learn! We had school so many places and ways that anytime we went ANYwhere they would ask..”what are we going to learn now Mom..” and not necessarily with the enthusiasm I would have liked!! Great blog! Have fun!


  3. This is wonderful! I love the freedom homeschooling offers to us…every place you go is a learning environment. We have done Disney-school at Walt Disney World, learned about lighthouses and ocean life on our beach vacations, explored wildlife and plants on local West Virginia outings, and so on. This summer, we will be doing a National Parks vacation…what a learning experience that will be! I can’t wait!!!


    • Those were some of our favorite spots too! The SF sourdough still remains, but Mission tortillas was replaced by Girardelli’s ice cream shop. It is not a demonstration any longer, just a restaurant, but they do hand out free chocolate!

      We also like the Animation building!


  4. We did it in FL when they were very young and home-schooled. Now my oldest is a senior in public school and we are pulling her out a couple of days for a last hurrah trip this spring. I’m going to see if we can get some credit for that!


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