This Month’s Arts & Crafts: What’s on YOUR Table?

Craft-Table_LogoWelcome to the Homeschool Mom’s Craft Table. Enjoy a quick foray into the world of art; join us as we delve into projects, offer helpful tips, explore new tools, and encourage all things creative. Come along and share a world of fun!


An important part of our family homeschooling routine is arts & crafts. We’re constantly encouraging our children to be creative and put their imaginations to work!

Right now, our kids have several projects going; each one fun and unique. Here are a few of the crafts currently on our homeschooling table:

Pom-Pom Puppies – Made from bundles of yarn and scraps of felt, our kiddos are busy making adorable, hand-held Pom-Pom Puppies. Each puppy takes approximately an hour to make (less, once you get the swing of things or have made pom-poms in the past), and is incredibly unique to each child’s style.

Angry Birds Clay Models – Using FIMO clay, my son has been using THESE YouTube tutorials to learn the fine art of clay modeling. At first I was a little skeptical of his ability to use modeling clay, which can be tough and frustrating to manipulate, but he did just fine. (I will note, we did purchase FIMO Soft in order to make things a little easier for his small fingers.) Hours of fun have been had, and I expect we’ll be exploring this medium quite a while.

Pastel Sketches – This is a more recent addition to our crafting table and initiated by Little Lady. We’re using a set of chalk pastels my wonderful sister-in-law gave us from Stampin’ Up! We’ve been having fun listening to Pop explain how to use pastels and sharing techniques on how he’s incorporated this medium in the past. (Have I mentioned how much I love being married to an artist?) Thus far, we’ve been having quite a bit of fun. I think we’ll be exploring this medium a tad more.

Watercolor Pictures – While we’ve occasionally experimented with watercolor in the past, these seem to be making more of an appearance at our crafting table. Each of our children has their own palette. And, in our home, there is an endless supply of paper. What more could you ask for?

If I could add one thing to our crafting routine it would be picture frames. I have a vision in my head of simple, eclectic sets of dark wood frames hanging on our wall; each filled with cork board. Each child would have their own frame. And, when a new project is completed, it would be placed in the frame for viewing; the old picture would be added to the ever-growing file of art to be kept for safekeeping.

For now, we’re content to place them on the fridge or the walls of our kids rooms. But, our anniversary and Christmas is coming. Who knows what the coming months will bring?!

🔔Time to Chime In: What’s on your craft table for the month of October? Share your current projects with us, including pictures you’ve posted on Instagram!

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