Book Review(s): Questions…

book_review_questionsDuring the course of my walk with Christ, I have asked Him many questions. I’ve pondered my purpose, whether I’m failing in my parenting, how I can be a better wife, and how much worse things can get before He finally calls us home. But did you know the Bible is filled with questions God has for us?

Why would God have questions? I assure you, it is not because He doesn’t have the answers. Rather, He desires to guide us into deeper understanding and wisdom. In Questions God Asks and Questions Jesus Asks, Mr. Israel Wayne once again seeks to edify and encourage readers with each unique chapter. We are taken through a series of questions meant to engage us and bring us closer to God.

In Questions God Asks, Mr. Wayne discusses important topics such as “Where Were You?”, “Why Are You Angry?”, “Is anything Too Difficult for the Lord?”, and several more.

In Questions Jesus Asks, Mr. Wayne continues with such chapters as “Who Do People Say That I Am?”, “What Will It Profit a Man?”, “Do You Want to Get Well?”, “What Were You Arguing About?”, and more.

Both books are brilliant. We enjoyed each tremendously. We found them to be easy reading. But don’t let that fool you, the questions themselves are deeply moving and demand answers.

How We’re Using Them… In lieu of a boxed Bible curriculum, our family chose these reads to start off our homeschool day and Our Morning Basket for the entire first semester. We slowly went through each book, chapter by chapter, breaking down the message God shared through Mr. Wayne and searching the Scripture references provided.

And Why… The Lord blessed my heart when reading through these books and I wanted to share the blessing with my children. Each of these questions encouraged our children to understand more of God’s character, Jesus’ divinity, and our relationship with each.

While these books were not specifically designed with children in mind, there was no chapter which did not minister to my family as a whole. Each question presented met each of us in a special way. I would especially recommend these books for students in junior and senior high, although younger children could easily benefit from following along with parents.

Yet again, the Lord has used Mr. Wayne in a mighty way. Both Questions God Asks and Questions Jesus Asks bring our hearts before the Almighty with grace and love. Read them. You’ll be blessed.

“And this is eternal life, that they know you the only true God, and Jesus Christ whom you have sent.”
~ John 17:3

📢 Chime In!: Which Biblical question has God (or Christ) asked which has spoken the most to your heart?

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