Can Siblings Become Best Friends?

Can_Siblings_Become_Best_Friends?There are some people who will only be in our lives for a brief moment, friends who will be there for a short while, and yet others who will last for the long haul. Amidst the vast – or very few – friends we have, usually one or two rise to the top and are termed the “best”. In our own home, we have encouraged our daughters to find “best friends” in each other.

Having three girls in the house and all close in age, that isn’t unexpected, is it? Now I understand not all of us like our sisters, much less are each other’s best friends. But perhaps growing up in a Christian home where this is encouraged and nurtured will move their hearts where ours was not.

While our girls are encouraged to have friends outside of our family and to nourish those friendships, we highly stress the importance of sisters being their “best friends”. Others might be “close friends”, but none should be more important than their own sisters. Spending our homeschooling day together, playing, and being creative all helps them to further their relationships and strengthen the bond between them. They share secrets, surprises, and sorrows; all of which help to cement their friendship.

This does present a slight problem for my son though, being the only boy in the house. He, on the other hand, has needed to find a buddy. Generally, my husband is his best pal and he probably will be for some time. But my boy has several close friends he enjoys as well. It is a blessing to see them playing, reading, and relaxing together.

While my brilliant plan might not work… I intend to fully continue encouraging my girls’ friendship, lending a helping hand from time to time and watching it bloom.

“A friend loveth at all times, and a brother is born for adversity.”
~ Psalm 17:17

Your Turn!: Do you encourage siblings to be “best friends”?

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12 thoughts on “Can Siblings Become Best Friends?

  1. We often think of best friends as being between people of the same sex, but it can also be between different sexes. Your son may have a special closeness with his sisters that is a best friend style relationship.
    I would love to say homeschooling is the reason why my sons are close and protective of each other, but that isn’t the case. It is through proper parenting that these siblings relationships can develop and homeschooling reinforces this. I have often told my sons to look out for one another, and they do, but this is through my and my wife’s guidance. Homeschooling removed the distance between their ages as they were around each more so than if they had gone to school.
    We’ve encouraged our sons to buy each other a Christmas or birthday gift, and the amazing element to this is their desire to handcraft a gift for their sibling.
    They may bicker, fight, and torment each other, but at the end of the day, they are united in helping each other. It is through my wife’s and my actions that allow our sons to see living examples of how to treat not only each other but others as well.

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  2. I have 4 boys and 1 girl and while I thought the first 2 boys only a year apart would be closer I find my first soon and daughter are best friends. Whatever works. It’s great to see them all together at functions and even hanging out together.

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  3. We definitely encourage our children to be best of friends. While others may come and go, family is forever:) They do fight, annoy the heck out of each other, irritate each other on purpose, etc, etc, but, our oldest son will help his sisters (both older and younger) out of the car, the boys will say “girls go first”, our oldest daughter loves making the others presents, our youngest son has to give his sister a kiss and hug before bedtime, etc etc. During the rough patches, I try to remind myself of all the kind things they do for each other. Siblings can make the best of friends if it is encouraged.

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