Youth Night

Things are really beginning to pick up with our PSP. The year is fully underway and a multitude of events are becoming available for us to participate in. This year, new territory is being crossed into with our oldest girl now being old enough to participate in Youth Group.

Youth Group’s intention is to bring all the junior and senior high school students together; helping them get to know one another and encouraging fellowship. This past Friday was their first meeting of the year. Unfortunately very few kids were able to attend, but they had fun!

Youth Night (1of5)

Pizza was good.

Youth Night (2of5)

One of my daughter’s friends having some fun.

Youth Night (3of5)

Listening to some upcoming event ideas.

Youth Night (4of5)

Discussing ideas for Operation Christmas Child.

Youth Night (5of5)

Mrs. Vasquez explaining how things are going to work!

It looks like these guys have a lot of ideas about what they’d like to do over the course of the year. I’m sure they’ll have a lot of fun!

One of the big, upcoming events they are focusing on is Operation Christmas Child. Our family participates in this every year, but the youth will be boxing things up for the church as well. If you’ve never heard of this ministry or never participated, seriously consider doing so this year. Your family won’t regret it!

The fall season is officially here and Christmas is just around the corner. We can’t wait for this awesome season of giving to begin. This is a great growing time for our family; showing love to others and taking joy in helping.

4 thoughts on “Youth Night

  1. I remember making Christmas gifts packaged in cigar boxes for homeless kids in Girl Scouts as a kid. They had to have certain practical things, like soap and tooth brushes, but the rest of it was fun. We ended up getting an Easter basket some group had made when Corde was almost two. We were living in a shelter at the time. It made her Easter. I hope to have the kids do something like that when we’re more settled. Giving is always so enjoyable during the holiday season!


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