How Pinteresting: X Marks the Spot

One ‘pin’ a week; that is the goal. Nothing too fancy, nothing too far-fetched; just a good opportunity to finally test out a few of those Pinterest ideas and see which ones really work! Join along and chime in; let us know which projects you’ve been working on and how they’ve turned out!


Summer_PinterestMy kids like maps. Travel maps, atlas maps, road maps, pirate maps; name it and they like it. We keep a stack in the car, just for long trips and moments of needed distraction. There is something about finding your way via map that intrigues children.

When our kiddos were little, my husband would create maps for them and send them out on treasure hunts. As they grew older, he let them design their own maps and we would go searching for buried treasure. Lots of fun memories and creativity have centered around such activities.

Our Pinterest activity this week, reflects our children’s love of cartography. With very few materials, you too can recreate this project!

Milk Map

Click on the picture above to be taken to the original post via Pinterest.

Here’s what you’ll need: milk, paper, and an iron. See how easy that was? Now, here is what you do: draw a map (or any other image, for that matter) using milk onto a piece of paper; let the milk dry for a half hour; and then, iron the image. Voila!

There are a few things I ought to point out…

  • Use Cardstock – Regular paper might buckle under the use of liquid. If you have it on hand, I would recommend watercolor paper or card stock.
  • Use Q-Tips – Regular paint brushes might be difficult to work with using this medium. If you have them on hand, use q-tips or short, blunt paint brushes; they will work more efficiently.

Above all, have fun! Perhaps you, too, can make a treasure map. Don’t forget the buried treasure!

Time to Chime In: When was the last time you made a treasure map and buried ‘treasure’?

Care to participate in next week’s Pinteresting project? Take a look at THIS link to get a head start on next week’s ‘pin’!

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