16 Drips in My Bucket

16 Drips in My BucketAs we enter this new year, my resolution is not to make a yearly resolution. Instead, I would prefer to wake each morning resolved to live according to God’s Word. I want every day to be a new day, and every day to be righteous. If I take each day, one day at a time, I am more likely to succeed in becoming more like Christ.

However, this does not mean I do not have dreams and aspirations for the coming year. On the contrary, there are several new things I wish to learn. In fact, there are sixteen things I’d like to add to my 2016 “bucket list”!

For Myself:

  • I’d like complete a women’s Bible study. (It’s been quite a while since I’ve participated in one. I’ve signed up, I’ve talked to my group leader, and I am ready to go!)
  • I’d like to focus each morning on praying for my kids! I’ve already signed up for two prayer groups, one focusing on boys and the other on girls. Both provide daily Scripture to pray over our children.
  • I’m going to plan more dates with my husband. (When the kids were little this was much harder. Now that their older this should be fun!)
  • I’m going to get more sleep! (Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha…)

For My Home:

  • I’d like to buy a pizzelle for my kitchen and learn how to use it! These cookies are so beautiful, and look easy to make.
  • I’d like to re-stain a cabinet in our home which is a gorgeous hunk of wood currently hidden beneath fabric.
  • I want to learn to make Pozole. I’ve had it; it’s delicious. But, alas, I don’t know how to make it.
  • I’d like to purchase those picture frames I keep saying I’m going to buy, and start my kids on filling them with art of their own creation.

For My Kids:

  • We want to build a tepee, and use it!
  • We want to take more nature hikes.
  • We want to do more ice skating.
  • We’d like to rent a cabin for a few days and enjoy the peaceful quiet.

For Our Homeschooling:

  • Let’s conquer Algebra! (Rrrr… we’re struggling a little with the curriculum of choice. We’re going to explore a few other options to see if they work better.)
  • New field trips! (We’ve been on many a good trip, but seem to keep coming back to the same old favorites. This year, I’d like to add a bunch of new venues to our experience.)
  • Include more sewing projects. There are so many great projects my kids would enjoy I don’t often include due to time constraints. It’s time to get on the ball.
  • Start the college process. We’ve come to that fun time when FAFSA paperwork, college apps, and scholarships are going to start taking precedence. We’d better get a move on.

No, there won’t be resolutions in our home. But, there will be plenty of plans for family time, fun, and friends. If we hit all the items on the list, that would be awesome. If we don’t, no sweat. There’s always another year!

🔔Time to Chime In: What fun things does your family have in mind this coming year?

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13 thoughts on “16 Drips in My Bucket

  1. Algebra curriculum choice. My kids used Practical Algebra. It is completely self explanatory. My kids are now acing college math classes. http://www.amazon.com/product-reviews/0749921021/ref=acr_offerlistingpage_text?ie=UTF8&showViewpoints=1 They much preferred it to other texts. Takes the pain away. And my kids were well prepared for the next level. It doesn’t have a lot of practice problems. We solved that by word problem solving book http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/0071343075?keywords=word%20problem%20solving%20books&qid=1452269876&ref_=sr_1_1&s=books&sr=1-1.

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  2. Awesome goals! My older daughter used a traditional textbook for Algebra 1, and she got through it, but it definitely wasn’t the best fit for her. Looking back, I wish I had researched alternatives and made a change. For my younger daughter, we are using Life of Fred for Algebra 1 with much more positive results. After two chapters in a different Geometry textbook, my older daughter and I decided to give Life of Fred a try for her, as well, and she is loving it. The approach is different than anything I’ve encountered before. It’s not for every type of learner, but we are having a great year with it.

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