Waiting for ‘Real’ Ministry to Begin

Do you ever feel as if you’re not moving forward in ministry? You desire to serve the Lord, but where would you find the time? There’s learning which needs to be done, a house which needs to be cleaned, meals which need fixing, and a world of responsibility sitting at your feet the moment you open your eyes each morning.

The ministry which surrounds us daily might not be glamorous; no one outside our immediate family may ever know our name or see the impact we make on the world around us. This does not make our ministry less real. The roles we are currently playing are vital and as real as it gets.

The Ministry of Marriage – The Lord is constantly reminding me that marriage is more than a relationship, it is a ministry. We are connected, but it is a bond which requires work and a call to serve the Lord together. Done right, our marriage will point people to God and His saving grace.

The Ministry of Parenting – We have a unique call to train and disciple the next generation of adults. Positively a full-time role in ministry. Never let anyone tell you otherwise.

The Ministry of Education – As we teach our littles, we have the unique ability to reach their hearts, souls, and minds for Christ. Every lesson builds and strengthens, helping our children increase for God’s glory.

The Ministry of Friendship –We thank God for the few people He has brought into our lives who minister to us in this capacity. That girlfriend who just stops by to say hello? You just made our day. The gentleman who calls to encourage my husband and ask how His Bible study is going? Love that! Where would we be without awesome friends who take time just to ask how we’re doing, and occasionally stop in for a visit.

The Ministry of Edification – We might not have physically met, but our goal here at A Homeschool Mom is to edify everyone who reads these pages. While we’re perusing your thoughts, questions, and helpful tips, we’re often edified. Together, as brothers and sisters in Christ, we use this community to edify one another, encouraging closer relationships with Christ.

The World of Outside Ministry – As our children have gotten older, our ability to serve in other areas has become available. In the right context, time and place, this too is important. I want to example a well-balanced ministry for my children to see. Not a mom who is so busy she can’t take of her family and not a mom who never serves. Balance. This too ministers, trains, and educates my kids.
So we openly discuss church and community opportunities as they become available. Together we pray, list the pros and cons, and finally come to an agreement on managing our time and resources. Sometimes the ministry opportunity is only for one member of the family (e.g. A daughter helping other teens sew pillow cases for missionaries.) and other times we serve as a family. Always, the ministry opportunity is led by the Lord and intended for His glory.

Whenever I start feeling as if I’m not doing enough to serve the Lord, I remember a line from Francesca Battistelli’s song, “He Knows My Name“. It’s not important that my name be in lights. I am not living for applause. The God of the universe knows my name and loves me; just as I am, just where I am. He has me here for a reason, and He’s asking me to be faithful with what He’s given.

‘Real’ ministry is here and now. It’s not ten years down the road, it’s not ten minutes down the road. It’s right where I am. The real question is, what will I do with the ministry He’s given?

“But none of these things move me, neither count I my life dear unto myself, so that I might finish my course with joy, and the ministry, which I have received of the Lord Jesus, to testify the gospel of the grace of God.”

~ Acts 20:24

Your Turn!: Show of hands… Have you read The Ministry of Motherhood?

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11 thoughts on “Waiting for ‘Real’ Ministry to Begin

  1. This is beautiful. I needed to read this. I am a mother and a wife and I have been going through a static moment where I felt like I had no purpose; where this ‘job’ of being a mom was becoming more of an annoyance, being honest. I love my son. This has shed some light for me. Thank you for your obedience. 🙂

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      • Yes, I agree, we all need a reminder every now and again. I was wondering what are some ways to implement dependence on God for children. I have a 2-year-old and his attention span is not very long, but he does have a love for music. Any advice you could give or ideas. I want to really switch things up and teach him more about God. Also, thank you for replying to my comment. I really appreciate it.

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      • Great questions!

        I think dependency on the Lord is encouraged in two ways. First, we lead by example. As we struggle through life’s challenges are we openly discussing what is happening – financial issues, car troubles, and more – with our kids and sharing that while we might not understand everything we KNOW He will provide? Do our children hear us speak in such a way as to indicate our trust in the Lord and complete dependency on Him? Second, I think children naturally draw closer to the Lord the more they know Him. As early as our children are able to understand, I would recommend broaching conversations on real life topics and share what the Lord has to say about them. In a word: apologetics. Do our children know WHY we believe what we believe? This is vital. I cannot stress it enough. For parents who are not sure where to begin I would highly recommend two resources: Mama Bear Apologetics (book) and any resource by Natasha Crain (author) at Christian Mom Thoughts Blog. Both wonderful places to start!

        As for your son’s seemingly short attention span. Honestly, friend, he seems like a typical two-year-old; full of energy and imagination. And he’s a boy. Boys tend to wander in their thoughts and focus. What has helped my own son – who even at twelve will occasionally stair off into space – we’ve found a few things which have helped.

        1. Watch what he’s having for breakfast; carbs are usually not their friends. It amps up their sugar levels and gives them more energy than they need to focus on studies. Proteins and fruits are better choices.

        2. Limit book work to a minimum in the younger years. Keep learnings hands-on and engaging.

        In regard to teaching more about God, outside of reading Bible stories, there are a number of ways to teach. Nature walks allow for amazing conversations about the glory of creation and God’s hand at work. Chores teach us about God being a God of order and being responsible for what He has given. Almost every subject can incorporate a Biblical concept; science, history, and more.

        The biggest impact… conversation. Talk about everything, and then talk again. Talk about why you do what you do; how you do what you do. Talk about ads on television and what they might be teaching; either in truth or falsehoods. Talk about silly memes and their meaning. Launch conversations, listen, and ask the Lord to show you ways to share. Trust me, He won’t fail you!

        All great questions! We’ll be praying the Lord shows you ways to specifically minister to your son. We know you’ll be blessed.

        And questions are always welcome!

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      • Oh my goodness, you’re an Angel 😇 thank you so much. I will definitely give all of these a try and see what happens. Thank you. Yes, I will be back if I have more questions. Or just to say hello.. 😊

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  2. Hello,

    This post could not have come at a better time this evening. I was sitting here wondering about my next writing assignment and when i will be able to truly start ministry, but my life, where i am is available for Christ. You bring up really good points such as ministry in parenting, teaching, edification, and ministry in marriage. The word tells us in all that we do, do it to the glory of God. I’ve never looked at it in such a way as ministry, but you are absolutely right. Indeed it is. God can use us in our very homes to impact the lives around us.

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  4. Good day. I am Dorothy and I am writing from the USA.
    I appreciate your comments and how I wish when my son was growing up I had the opportunity to interact with another mom in this fashion.
    My son turned 18 years old on July 12. I had no physical support from his father or my family. I am what you call a real single mother.
    My reliance was on the public transportation system and taxis when I had the funds and the favour of God.
    My son was born in the UK when I was a MA student in Archaeology at University of Leicester.
    As a Christian I did not operate fully in the will of God and it cost me. However, I endeavoured to bring my son up in the nurture and admonition of the Lord. Like Hannah I gave him back to God.
    I migrated from Jamaica to the States on the advice of my mom. There was no support forthcoming so I had to do everything from finding, school to organising his medical plan.
    It was a great struggle doing this without a firm financial backing. By God’s grace I persevered. It was difficult for my son in the private and public school system, tackling, bullying racism and prejudice.
    I began wishing that as a teacher it would be better to homeschool my son.
    I didn’t have the luxury to do so. I watched and listened as all the morals and Christian principles I taught my son eroded. I prayed, I instituted punishments and reward, sought therapy for both of us nothing worked.
    I prayed for him to graduate from High School because his grades were inconsistent and his hours returning home each day dwindled, 9 pm – 10: pm and up to 3;00am. Curfew was 8:00pm if he had after school activity or had been given permission to be out after school ended at 2;19pm.
    I couldn’t wait for him to hit 18 because I decided that at 18 years old he wouldn’t be living with me because he had lost all respect.
    I decided we would go on vacation to the UK. The next move was to leave him with his father. They never really had a constant relationship over the years but my hands were tied. My friends and younger brother said if I didn’t do something he would probably kill me.
    My son is very angry at me for leaving him with his father. He curses in his father’s house and refused to join the family willingly for meals or togetherness. He says he doesn’t know them . I try to encourage the father to be patient with him and try to be open and honest with him as to why he rejected and abandoned him all these years and that may help him to releive his stress and anxiety.
    My son refuses to get help and so does his father because he too is struggling in being a father. He lacks the basic skills.
    Please share with me how you keep it together when your children grow up with God but refuse to attend church anymore and insists that as a parent we don’t get it.


    • My friend, I wish I could offer enough words of comfort to bring peace to your heart.

      In response to your question, I believe, as in all things, the best place to start and end is in prayer. God can do all things, and we should continue to seek Him always. He knows your heart and He knows what your son needs. This might seem like a trite answer – We would all LOVE a fast, quick, ACTION which we can make. Instant gratification is lovely, but often not how God works. – Prayer can accomplish much.

      Secondly, I would advise you to remember your son has free will. At times it is truly heartbreaking what our children choose to do with their free will, but they have it all the same. I would urge you to remember not every decision your child makes is a direct reflection on your parenting, but a choice he has made. Too often we parents blame ourselves for our adult children’s mistakes when the blame lands squarely on their shoulders.

      Lastly, I would advise you to remain open to contact and as gracious as possible. I KNOW this will not always be easy; I do. But it will help in keeping doors of communication open and help your son understand he is always welcome. When speaking to him, tell him you love him; tell him you miss him. Tell him you will always be there for him. Refrain from “Yes” or “No” questions and instead ask open ended questions which encourage him to communicate how he is feeling and why. Openly speak to him about why you made the decisions you did; letting him hear your heart. Let him know you are trying to “get it”, but need his help in understanding.

      And, again, pray. You cannot force him to understand. You cannot force him to return to a Bible believing worldview. All you can do is pray and be there.

      One final thought, which is more a question… What is his father’s response to you? Is he amicable or does he disrespect you in front of your son? (This might be contributing to his behavior.) Is his father willing to sit down and have a group discussion on everything going on?


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