Review: Britfield & The Lost Crown


We may have mentioned a time or two that our family loves books. Not just a little. A lot. There is always room for one more great read, and this month we added to our growing library with the first book in a spectacular new series, Britfield & The Lost Crown.

“Tom continued to think about the day as he stared at the peeling paint on the ceiling. He thought about Mr. Grievous’s threat, the file about his parents locked in the office, six more years at this miserable place and his friend Sarah. It was a long night, but Tom knew at that moment it was time to leave Weatherly.”

~ Britfield & The Lost Crown

Britfield & The Lost Crown is the first book in a new series by C.R.Stewart released by Devonfield Publishing. Britfield & The Lost Crown is an adventurous story taking readers through a discovery of prominent English landmarks as they uncover the mystery of young Tom’s past. Aided by his best friend, Sarah, and a slew of amazingly helpful acquaintances, Tom will do everything in his power to uncover who he really is and remain free of their hateful orphanage forever.

Already the winner of several awards, our family was eager to review the first book in the new series and excited to explore the multitude of learning possibilities. Our family received a signed paperback copy of the book, access to the Britfield website, and a link to download the Britfield Study Guide.

As I prefer previewing reads before passing them off to our children, I made sure I was the first to sit down with the book. Being a quick reader and given the reading level of the story, I found I was able to complete the book within one evening; finishing in approximately four hours. Afterwards, I made the book available to my children and took time to explore the possibilities of the Britfield study guide and website.


I found the Britfield Study Guide to be well thought out and thorough. Available for free to teachers and homeschoolers, the study guide includes learning opportunities focusing on vocabulary, comprehension and “Going Deeper” exercises which encourage learners to think beyond the story. Portions of the study guide also include “Learn More with Technology” which assists learners in becoming familiar with online research.
For our family’s purposes we chose to focus our attention on the “Going Deeper” portions of the study guide, preferring to approach the questions openly in group discussion. We found this worked best for our family as the other sections of the guide would have been a review of skills already learned by my students and I wanted to spend a greater amount of our time on the Britfield website.


Upon visiting the Britfield website, we were immediately impressed by the amount of options available to us. Readers can learn more about not only the series itself, but the author, various awards, opportunities for teachers to explore the Britfield Classroom Creativity Experience, and the upcoming Explorer’s Club.
For those ready to jump into a learning adventure inspired by the book, a series of seven options are also available for exploration: Yorkshire, The Midlands, Oxford, Windsor, Richmond, London and Canterbury. Selecting any of these subcategories will immediately launch you into a fresh study of this English landmark. Depending on which landmark you choose to focus on, readers have the option to examine maps, peruse beautiful photographs of the given area, learn a bit of history and geography, and more.
We explored every aspect of the website. We found the resource too good to pass up, and eagerly studied each landscape thoroughly.


We found Britfield & The Lost Crown to be a wonderful book. The story was clean, well-paced, had beautifully developed characters, was filled with adventure, and encouraged a desire for deeper study. We found the book to be enjoyable for even our adults readers, while easily manageable for younger listeners. The book would be a perfect Morning Basket read for families to explore together, giving plenty of opportunity to incorporate both the Study Guide and website learning adventures.
If the front cover – beautifully illustrated and incredibly soft to the touch – doesn’t immediately grab you, within minutes the story will pull you in and have you wanting more.

From what we are told, movies for each of the books in this fantastic series are in the works! No news yet as to when they will be released, but we’ll definitely be keeping our ears open for any new developments. Until then, there is still plenty to explore while we wait for the next installment in the series.
I am so glad we took the time to review Britfield & The Lost Crown and add yet another amazing read to our home library. Don’t you just love a good book?

If you’d like to learn more about Britfield & The Lost Crown please visit them at their website and on FacebookTwitteror Instagram!

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