Three Ladies and a Little Man

The Little ManImagine my shock, when after having three girls, our fourth turned out to be a boy! I thought it was going to be a girl; I carried the same as all my other pregnancies. Nothing about this pregnancy was any different from the others, but a boy it was.

While, at first, my husband and I were in shock, we came to look forward to the changes a boy would bring. We could minimize on the pink, finally get some ray guns, and both sides of the family were jazzed. (We have the only grandkids on both sides!)

Having a boy proved to be, quite obviously, much more complex than that and, honestly, I wouldn’t change a thing. Having a little man has certainly added to the lives of everyone in the house!

With a mix of little girls and a guy in the house, it makes for an interesting day and lots of life lessons.

Having a boy means that I get a “backstage” look at what makes boys tick. There are some things I never thought to ask or discover until having a boy. My husband and I have had some awesome (and often fun) conversations about why guys do what they do.

Having a little man is also teaching my girls a few things. They are learning to act like ladies and allowing him to be a gentleman. They are learning to let him take initiative and protect them (although at the moment it is more cute than practical).

From his sisters, my baby is learning how to be kind and loving. He is learning how to be gentle, protective, and helpful.

Even now… I can hear my kiddos playing in the front room. He is playing the Jedi, protecting his princesses from certain danger and battling all forms of evil in order to keep them safe. My girls are glowing with pride for their guy and he is bashfully smiling at the attention.

No… Life just wouldn’t be the same without him.

12 thoughts on “Three Ladies and a Little Man

  1. That’s great that you have a little man. I have three girls; mostly grown now. The youngest is in high school. I am just fine with having the girls of course; never ever thought that I wish I had a boy. It’s nice that you get to experience that. I know things are different with the boys. been in children’s ministry for 35 years so I’ve seen a bit of both sides.
    thanks for the post.


  2. When I got pregnant with our second, I thought I wanted another girl. It’d just be easier, logistics-wise. They can share a room, hand-me-down clothes, etc. But instead we were blessed with a boy and I’m SO GLAD! For one, I’m not a girly-girl, so if I had two like my daughter, I might just cry. Plus, nothing — absolutely nothing — is as precious to a mother’s heart as her little man “protecting” her!


  3. How very sweet. We are having a similar experience, but in the reverse. We have two boys and surprise, our third was a girl! Now we are getting in desensitized to the color pink, the boys love being her helper/protectors. I can only imagine what life with a girl will bring, but I am looking forward to every experience, every day.


  4. I agree! And there’s just something so special about the bond between a boy and his mommy. Growing up with just girls, I have a lot to learn about boys . . . Have you heard of the book, “What a Difference a Mom Makes”? I haven’t actually read it (bought it for my sister for Christmas) but I’m planning to – it’s all about a mother’s relationship with her son – how to understand (like you said) what makes him ‘tick’ . . . I don’t think it’s from a Christian perspective or anything but it got a lot of great reviews and sounded really interesting. And, by the way, your son is a real cutie 😉


    • Thank you! (I think he’s kind of cute myself.)
      I haven’t heard of that book, thank you for the information. I will have to Google it (“Off to the Googlecave!”, as one friend put it.) It sure sounds like an interesting read.


  5. He sounds precious! My one and only little man is now ten – enjoy every minute you have with him, they grow so fast! On another note, you sound very much like my family! I am the third girl of five kids. My brother is number four and then one more girl! He was the little man in our family and now has a family of his own.


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