Summer School: Workbook Fun

Normally we would not associate workbooks with fun. There is probably an image forming in your head right now; I am dragging my kids to the table, threatening them with various punishments, or cajoling them with promises of something nice. I am very thankful to say that I have not had to resort to any such things. When mommy announces it is time to do workbooks, my kiddos jump up and run to the table. What is the secret? Picking a workbook that makes learning fun!

There is a vast supply of learning materials on the market; some of which happen to offer summer vacation workbooks. Deciding which ones to use can be a bit tricky and mind boggling. You never know which ones will work for your kids. While I highly recommend looking through the books yourself and deciding which works best for your child’s learning style; here are a couple that we have found to be particularly fun and educational.

When my children were in preschool I used The Complete Book of Numbers and Counting by Carson-Dellosa Publishing. I found them to be very thorough and fun. The Complete Book of the Alphabet corresponds and is equally as good.

One of my children is currently prepping for kindergarten this fall. We have found that Big Kindergarten Workbook keeps his attention and is preparing him very well.

For my children in grades 1st-6th, I highly recommend Summer Vacation by Entertainment Publications, Inc. Their curriculum is thorough and interactive. Be prepared though! This curriculum is preparing children for the next grade level. They will be slightly challenged and made to think. Most of the learning is done through story reading or fun puzzles that they have to work out. The curriculum will also include science projects, craft projects, and drawing exercises. Like I said; very thorough! The best I have seen so far.

For my oldest girl, we are trying Summer Bridge Middle School and finding it to be very similar to Summer Vacation, with perhaps a little less activity.

With these helpful books to keep us up to par, we are breezing through summer and getting a quick look at what to expect in the fall. Now that workbooks are in place, let’s see how much fun we can plan with Geography! Stay tuned until tomorrow!

11 thoughts on “Summer School: Workbook Fun

    • Yeah! That sounds like loads of fun! Just let me know what we need and we’ll make it happen! Can’t wait! I’ll be talking about our science experiments on Thursday! So that will give us something to look forward to.


  1. I have to say thank you Cristina for giving us the First Grade workbook a few years back for Joshua that I am now using with Isabel. She is loving it as she is getting ready to enter 1st grade. Thanks for the blessing my sweet sister


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