Summer School Fun

Summer_School_FunInstead of taking off the summer from school, the kiddos and I use this opportunity to advance our learning in areas we might have skipped during the course of our year. This helps us to get a jumpstart on the next year and prevents any loss of knowledge gained.

To help remind myself of all the fun ways we can learn over the summer, I wrote down a master plan for summer fun!

Part I:   Scheduling Fun
Part II:   Workbook Fun
Part III:  Geography Fun
Part IV: Science Fun
Part V:  Fair Fun
Part VI: Field Trip Fun

Feel free to steal any of our ideas or tips on making the summer extra fun. If you do use some of them though, let us know so we can cheer you on! The more people having fun learning, the better.


🔔Time to Chime In: What plans do you have for the coming months?

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8 thoughts on “Summer School Fun

  1. You make me tired! Lol You are like the energizer bunny! Unfortunately, life and laziness got in the way this spring, and my daughter hasn’t officially gotten to start summer yet. We’re close on everything except math. It may last until the end of July!

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  2. The two things that I keep going in the summer are reading and piano. Everybody has to have a book going all the time, I read out loud from something fun, and sight reading everyday on the keys! Otherwise, our gardening and trips to the beach, billing their customers for lawn mowing — school gets swallowed up in life, and I love summer! Thanks for your inspiration here.

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